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More About The Dance Guru


Promoting the world of dance  one step at a time

We are very pleased you found your way to The Dance Guru.  


We are aiming to be the no1# influencer in the world of dance 

Dancing is fun, energetic, inclusive and helps with social skills, confidence and can literally change your life. We believe in promoting the community spirit of dance. We promote social inclusion and aim to eradicate social isolation. Anyone can dance, we want to show you how.


As well as bringing you exceptional talent and news from the world of dance through our Instagram & Pinterest Accounts and The Dance Guru magazine, we want to teach the world to dance. Learn how to dance many styles with The Dance Guru instructors.


We are aiming to bring affordable, accessible online dance classes direct to your inbox. We are partnering with some of the top International Dance instructors in various dance styles.


We are bringing you dance teachers that create wonderful, easy to follow dance courses that take you from Beginner to Advanced in structured, progressive learning patterns.

Maybe you are thinking about taking your first steps towards learning to dance, or maybe you’re looking for a new dance style or just additional lessons in your chosen dance. Whatever you’re looking for we’re here to help.We have access to word renown dance instructors across many dance disciplines. 


By starting your dance journey with our online videos we hope that you will build the confidence to find a local dance class, attend a social dance, travel to a dance congress or bootcamp and increase your dancing experience.

Learning to dance online is just the start.. where will you your journey take you?

The Dance Guru Character Finger ppinting

Online Dance Classes already launched:


Salsa On2 with 9 Times World Champion Oliver Pineda

New York Style Salsa with Joel Dominguez

Club Style Cha Cha with Joel Dominguez

Ballroom Dance with Leon Turetsky



Would you love to learn a dance style that isn’t mentioned yet? Then let us know, we’ll find an instructor and get your course created.

At The Dance Guru, we’re committed to encouraging both instructors and students to continuously create, grow and learn. Our mission is to help the world to dance.

We have a road map to bring affordable online dance instructor to all levels of dancers across as many genres as possible.


Browse our site to learn more, and get in touch if you have any questions.

The Dance Guru Mission

Here at The Dance Guru, we want the world to know about dance, we're sure we could bring about world peace one day through the love of dance, but we're taking it just one step at a time for now.


Our aim is to bring affordable, accessible classes to as many dancers as possible. We don't believe there should be a price or location barrier which excludes people from learning to dance.


We want to make the world a better place through dance, we know it's possible. Everyone is welcome, we want the world to dance!!


We plan to bring instructors from as many dance genres as possible to our platform to create informative, engaging and high-quality learning programmes.

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