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Ballroom & Latin with Leon turetsky

Ballroom dance with Leon Turetsky

Leon Turetsky founder of Passion4Dancing and owner of Leon's  Dance Centre in Boston, Massachusetts.


Leon Turetsky has been dancing since his formative years, having moved to Canada from Minsk and discovering Ballroom & Latin Dancing. At 14 he won the Junior award in the 'Dancing at the Palais' TV show. This was followed by appearances all over Canada at Dancesport events and a feature article in Dancescene Magazine in 2002. If you saw the film 'Take the Lead' in 2006 you might have spotted Leon as a background dancer with Antonio Banderas!

In 2007 Leon moved to Boston and began to teach for Extreme Dancesport Studio, with his students gaining 1st place success in many prestigious dance events. Now Leon continues to teach in Boston but in 2009, founded Passion4Dancing to bring high quality dance instruction to dancers everywhere.

Why 'Passion4Dancing' with Leon? 

The Passion4Dancing format is very clear. Students can select each International Standard (Ballroom) dance, International Latin, American Smooth, American Rhythm dance and follow from the absolute basics to the advanced steps.


For International Standard and International Latin Lessons are listed from Pre-Bronze, Bronze, Silver and Gold as per the Dancesport format. American Style dances are listed in clear progression by figures names (steps or moves).

Most lessons are taught by Leon himself but with the added bonus of guest teacher Egils Smagris helping with some of the Ballroom dances. Videos show close ups of footwork and explain the count or timing in detail. You will be able to master every technique at your own speed, replaying videos over and over again in the comfort of your own home.


  • Over 300 Videos already online, you can stream or download for offline viewing

  • New Lessons added every month

  • A whole library of dance technique lessons improving aspects such as posture, foot placement, timing and musicality

  • Exclusive members Q&A area

  • Direct email access to Leon for questions, queries and problems

  • Help Get ready for parties, weddings, dance cruises and holidays or competitions

  • Passion4Dancing will complement any Ballroom & Latin Dance classes you are already taking


Passion4Dancing Membership Annual Fee $147 

The Dance Guru partnership with Leon Turetsky

The Dance Guru has partnered with a team of highly respected International Dance Teachers who have been on the Ballroom & Latin and Social Dance scenes for a long time. The Dance Guru only recommends and partners with outstanding and well respected teachers.

The Dance Guru is an affiliate partner of Leon's online teaching programme Passion4Dancing. We believe in promoting only the best. We don't think you will be disappointed if you subscribe to their online programmes.

To find out more about Joel & Maria's online dance classes click here for more details:


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