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LEARN ladies salsa styling online with

shani talmor

Shani Talmor.. where styling meets technique.


Shani has been the principal partner of Johnny Vazquez & Eddie Torries. Her ladies styling workshops are always full at Salsa congresses.



Shani is trained in many styles including Salsa, Mambo, Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Samba, and Afro-Cuban. She has been the principle partner and performed with Johnny Vazquez, Ismael Otero, Sekou Mcmiller and with the legendary Eddie Torres, The Mambo King for 4 years.


Shani is based out of LA but travels extensively on the Salsa congress crcuit.

Now, My Salsa Online brings you Ladies Styling Videos with Shani Talmor. You can purchase her ladies styling videos through My Salsa Online. Just click through our link here, and then select 'Salsa Courses' and the 'Ladies Salsa Styling'.


Why learn Ladies Styling with Shani Talmor?


In Volume 1 , you will learn 5 combinations of fancy footwork and body movement. Each step will be explained slowly, then broken-down and demonstrated with music.




  • Fundamentals and technique of the basics steps

  • Arms styling

  • Hip motions and shoulders movements

  • Balance and posture

  • 5 combinations of foot work

  • From beginners level to intermediate and advanced level

  • Elements of Afro-Cuban motions

  • Bonus: Tips for spins and turns



What are the Benefits?

  • Get access from any device with access to Internet

  • Increase confidence on the dance floor

  • Unlimited access for life

  • Instruction by Shani Talmor in every video

  • Learn from the comfort of your home

  • Learn at your own pace

  • No partner needed

  • Salsa tips library access

  • Save time

The Dance Guru partnership with Shani Talmor

The Dance Guru has partnered with a team of highly respected International Dance Teachers who have been on the social dance scene for a long time. The Dance Guru only recommends and partners with outstanding and well respected teachers.

The Dance Guru is an affiliate partner of My Salsa Online who offer Ladies Styling videos by Shani Talmor. We believe in promoting only the best. We don't think you will be disappointed if you purchase her videos.

To find out more about My Salsa Online dance classes click here for more details:


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