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10 Top affordable gift ideas for dancers

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10 Top affordable gift ideas for dancers from The Dance Guru HQ.

So Christmas 2018 is done and now 2019 birthdays are fast approaching and you’re wondering about some great gifts for your dancing friends, family and loved ones.

These links and recommended items were available for purchase at time of publishing in January 2019. If you are reading this at a much later date we cannot assure you of all the links being available, although we do our best to check links at regular intervals.

1. This lovely little personalised Ballet Necklace is £6 on Etsy from ‘Charmed Corner UK’. You can even personalise with your own message if you would like.

2. How about a “Born to dance” keyring £8 on Etsy from Stamped by Emma

3. Every dancer loves a cuppa, so how about an “I might look like I’m listening to you but in my head I’m dancing” Mug for £10.99 on Etsy from ‘Dirty Unicorn Shop’.

4. All dancers need to carry a water bottle, so how about a personalised Ballet Dance Water Bottle at £12.15 from ‘Dalessio Designs’

5. And for something pretty, here are some lovely Ballroom dancer earrings at £13.99 from ‘Amy’s Sugar Rush Gifts’

6. All dancers need a dance bag, so how about a personalised Ballet Dance Tote Bag at £16.35 from ‘Tommy Rose Lane’.

7. Dancers need to look great and create amazing makeup designs. So how about this 54pcs Make Up Set & Vanity Case Kit at £19.99 from Ebay

8. Dancers need their caffeine fix so how about a Red Coffee Tumbler with the message “All Men were created equal then some learn to dance salsa” at £21.36 from Ebay.

9. And for something a little retro inspired, what about a Ballerina Vinyl Wall Clock at £27.29 from ‘Lambada Gifts’.

10. Every dancer needs to stretch regularly. Even if they aren’t a Ballet dancer most dancers appreciate using a Ballet Barre to stretch and warmup. So how about a Cannons UK Ballet Barre at £89.99 from Ebay

And lastly… at Number 11

Ok so I know we said 10 Top affordable gifts for dancers, and this one might not be in the ‘affordable’ range for a lot of people, so we’ve sneaked this in as a Brucy bonus. The Divadolly travel case for your buddy dance competitors. This travel suitcase will keep your dancer’s costumes, makeup, shoes, accessories and all manner of audition and competition paraphernalia neat and tidy and ready to use in an instant. Take a look at a Divadolly from $300:

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