10 Top Tips for the Forward Rumba Walks

Today, The Dance Guru is giving you 10 top tips to help with your Forward Rumba Walks in Latin Dancing. Don’t forget to check out our other post on Rumba Walk technique and why you should be practising this all the time.

1. Starting Position – Get your starting position right. Tummy tucked in, bottom tucked in, back is not over arched, weight slightly forward but head upright, shoulders rotated back and down, pull your tummy button in towards your spine

2. Your upper body needs to stay upright and engaged, you don’t just start there and forget about it, you need to maintain it. Your upper body will be in opposition to your hip creating the Cuban motion

3. Are you bouncing up and down? Hopefully not, we should remain at the same height. If you’re losing height you are probably settling the hip too far and bending forwards

4. Maintain balls of the foot in contact with the floor. Only at the last minute when you push off th