10 Top Tips to make dance rehearsals effective

So we all know that dance rehearsals can be a stressful time, in fact you just never seem to have enough time. You have solos, duos, trios and larger groups all performing different pieces and you only have 1 dance rehearsal space available and a few precious hours. Sound familiar?

As dance teachers we are expected to have many different hats: teacher, coach, motivator, disciplinarian, stage hand, costume technician, surrogate parent... the list is endless. This means that extremely military precision planning is required to make the most out of our rehearsal time.

Rehearsals are for putting the finishing touches, not teaching the material, so first make sure all your dancers know their routines before you even think about rehearsal planning. Then what? Here are 10 quick Top Tips to make your rehearsals fun more smoothly and efficiently.

1) Take the time you have available (E.g. 4 x 3 hour rehearsals = 12 hours). Break the performance down into bite sized chunks, allocate according to time available

2) Make a plan: Dates, Times, Locations, Which dancers are required (all / some) on what days times, Equipment needed, Support staff needed (volunteers, parents, other dance teachers).

3) Set up a What's App / Facebook Messenger