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31 Inspirational dance quotes from The Dance Guru

Updated: Jan 13, 2019

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Here are 31 inspirational and original dance quotes from The Dance Guru, enjoy!

1) Dance allows us to stand out, to show our differences with confidence.

2) The joy of dance is when nothing else matters but the dance.

3) Dance accepts you, no matter what

4) Dance until you can’t dance any longer.

5) When you feel like quitting dance, remember why you started.

6) Lose yourself in the dance.

7) Dance to the rhythm of the waves.

8) We are born to dance.

9) Dance is life itself, live every minute of the dance.

10) Dance is a pure and passionate form of self-expression.

11) Dance performance is the validation of all of ones’ hard work.

12) Every day we grow stronger through dance - physically, emotionally and mentally.

13) Dance is where we can all belong.

14) In dance we find freedom, in music we find passion, but both together are an unstoppable force.

15) The values we learn through dance, we carry for life.

16) Inspiration is everything. Some are born to dance, others to inspire.

17) Dance is a form of expression which is not bound by any rules.

18) Dance is there for you, always, it never lets you down.

19) When you're in the dance, you are the dance, nothing can stop you.

20) Dance for love, dance for life, but most of all dance for yourself.

21) Your movements are the words in a dancer's poem.

22) Be fierce, dance strong.

23) Lose yourself in the rhythm, find the beat and dance.

24) When you feel alone, dance.

25) In dance we find inspiration for life.

26) Dancers secretly wish everyone is watching

27) Life without dance is not worth living.

28) Dance for life, dance for happiness, dance for yourself, no-one else matters when you dance

29) We dance not only for physical strength but strength of mind

30) Dance is not just a hobby, it’s a way of life

31) Each day we develop more as dancers and grow as people



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