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5 Top Tips for becoming a better dancer

Want to become a better dancer? What do you think it takes?

We give you 5 Top Tips from The Dance Guru to help you improve your dancing.

1. DON'T PUT YOURSELF UNDER TOO MUCH PRESSURE - relax and enjoy your learning. Getting frustrated and annoyed will only serve to raise your blood pressure.

2. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE - the saying goes 'practice makes perfect' and it's true, the more you practice the more it becomes ,muscle memory and the easier you'll find it.

3. EAT AND DRINK WELL - Often as dancers we experience 'disordered eating' not to be confused with an 'eating disorder'.. Disordered eating is grabbing food on the go, not eating regularly, skipping meals to get to classes on time, grabbing junk food from the vending machine. Try to always have some healthy snacks on stand by, keep well hydrated, your body will thank you for it. You brain works better when it's fully hydrated.. you wouldn't drive your car with an empty fuel tank so why do it to your body? (but remember not to eat a full meal directly before class, allow at least 2 hrs for food digestion)

4. PROTECT YOUR BODY - Dancing injured will not do you any good. Finding exercise classes that strengthen your muscles and complement your dance classes will help. Building muscle at the gym with weights and always stretching after every single workout (dance or otherwise). Speak to your dance instructor to see if there are particular muscle groups that you need to work on for your chosen style of dance

5. MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL - or these days a smart phone will do.. whenever possible practice in front of a mirror or take a video of yourself and play it back. Look for key areas to improve on. You will be surprised how different you think you look to how you actually look!!

Share your tips with us.



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