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How do you choose your dance instructor?

How do you choose your dance instructor?

Choosing the right dance instructor is crucial, it's an important relationship, a bond you'll share for life.

When you look for a dance class what do you look for? A time and location of class to suit? A dance style that you want to learn?

Do you ever consider the dance instructor themselves? Your forthcoming relationship with them is so important. How do they convey their instruction? How do they welcome new students? What do they do for their community dance projects? Are they just in it for the money?

Before committing to a class try to look for reviews online from other students, ask to trial a class and see first hand how they interact with their regular students. See if you can speak to other students. Make sure you're not walking into a confrontational environment that is going to knock your confidence straight to the ground.

Do you know what sort of learner you are? Your learning style needs to be compatible with the instructor. Do you need to be screamed at in the face or gently encouraged to do your best with a hug?

Does your instructor need to feel like your best friend or the army commander barking out orders?Ultimately, no one size fits all, but it's important to consider not only the credentials of your proposed instructor but how they interact with their students.

We believe our dance instructors should be encouraging, inspirational human beings that bring out the best in our students, leading by example, what do you think?



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