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How do you create emotion when you dance?

How do you create emotion when you dance?

To truly engage your audience in your performance you must evoke emotion within them.

Joy, elation, sadness empathy can all be conveyed through your movement, but first you must tell a story.

As dancers we are telling a story through our performance, we must take our audience on a journey through our story to feel our emotion.

In season 2 of @nbcworldofdance we saw @charityandandres tell the story of a passion fuelled, destructive relationship of a young couple in love, arguing violently.

As @charity-dance appears in turmoil, torn between her love for @ricopenate & knowing that a violent relationship can only end in something disastrous we are glued to our seats waiting to see what unfolds before our eyes. We literally feel the emotion of their dance.

This dance performance needed no words, no explanation. It was technically brilliant, executed to perfection & conveyed a range of emotions that the audience immediately identified with. Absolutely superb, and fully deserving of the 100 perfect score from every judge.

Check it out here:



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