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How to overcome your fears and ask someone to dance

Do you fear being rejected if you ask someone to dance?

Here's 5 top tips for overcoming your fear.

We've all been there. What if they say no?

Here are The Dance Guru's 5 top tips for overcoming the fear of asking someone to dance.

1. TAKE A DEEP BREATH - Put your shoulders back, stand tall and take a deep breath.

2. RELAX YOUR HANDS AND WIGGLE YOURS FINGERS - Tension is evident in our fingers, especially when we clench our fists. Wiggle your fingers gently to release tension.

3. IMAGINE WHAT IS THE WORST THAT CAN HAPPEN? - The person you are asking says no. It's not life threatening, it's just a 'no'. There are plenty more people to ask instead, you'll just move on

4. VISUALISE A HAPPY PLACE JUST BEFORE YOU DO THE ASKING - Where do you feel calm? The beach, the park, in bed? Picture yourself there, in your calm place.

5. TALK ABOUT IT WITH ANOTHER DANCER - Try to make conversation about it. Talk through your experiences. They probably share the exact same fears



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