LA Style Salsa Dance: The Essential Guide For Beginners [PDF Guide]

A short guide to LA Style Salsa Dance for Beginners.

The Dance Guru Presenting LA Style Salsa Dance The Essential Guide for Beginners


The purpose of this guide is to give the Beginner LA Style Salsa dancer a brief over view of the first 30 moves or techniques that should be learnt in a clear and logical order which ensure progression from absolute novice to competent beginner.

This guide should be used in conjunction with Salsa lessons from your Instructor, mainly as an aide-memoir or checklist.

We have categorised the Beginners into 4 Levels. Make sure you work through in the correct order.

You will find included:

1) Beginners Checklist of 30 figures (moves)

2) Beginners Checklist of 9 Footwork figures (shines)