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Meet Marisa Hamamoto: Infinite Flow Dance

Founded in 2015 by Marisa Hamamoto in Los Angeles in 2015, Infinite FLow dance is a professional inclusive dance company.

Their mission is "to use dance as a vehicle to create an inclusive world and eliminate the stigma and inequality associated with disability"

Infinite Flow Dance are America's 1st Professional wheelchair ballroom dance company and are quickly gaining notoriety with over 35 Million view on Facebook.

In this funky Samba 'Hip Hip, Chin Chin' they show the fun and energetic side of Latin Dance.

This next piece by Marisa and Piotr entitled 'Gravity' is just beautiful.

With over 200 wheelchair students and now a professional touring performance group they are breaking boundaries in the world of inclusive dance.

Most importantly each participant able bodies or disabled is equal in class. Dancers are encourage to 'translate' their moves rather than 'modify'.

Marisa focuses on inclusion, breaking down barriers and creating beautifully choreographed dance pieces.

Her newest program #DanceForInclusion specially advocates inclusion through dance and innovation. Marisa says "I am committed to planting inclusion to be the new reality at all levels of the dance world"



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