The Dance Guru Academy launches 'Castro, Cuba & Conjunto, A Brief History of Salsa Dance' [COURSE]

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

***NEW COURSE***... The Dance Guru Academy launches 'Castro, Cuba & Conjuntos: A Brief History of Salsa Dance.

This is a short course on the History of Salsa including Salsa Dance Styles, Salsa Music, and Music Playlists.

Why choose this course?

For Students: Understand the basic history of Salsa dance, understand the structure of the music the music and find ready-made Salsa playlists

For Salsa Teachers: A great tool for Salsa teachers wanting to give their students am introduction to the world of Salsa. Cover information that you don't get time to teach in class.

Usual price £29, launch price £9 with code: BRIEF9

Head over to The Dance Guru Academy now:

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