Salsa Dance: Let’s talk about Salsa dance shoes and how to choose them [Most FAQs]

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Salsa Dance: Let’s Talk about Salsa dance shoes and how to choose them [Most FAQs]

One of the most common questions we get as Salsa Instructors is about what shoes to wear. Mostly it’s ladies that ask first, the men never seem too bothered about what they’re wearing, which is sometimes frustrating.

Salsa dancing is all about being connected to the floor, by what? Yes, your feet! And if your feet are in big heavy walking boots I’m guessing you can’t feel the floor, let alone bend your feet or turn properly. Which is why you need Salsa dance shoes!!

There are many health implications from not wearing the correct dance shoe on your feet. But what is the correct dance shoe for Salsa dancing and where do you buy them?

We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Salsa dance shoes

I’m a Beginner, do I really need dance shoes?

Let’s talk about salsa dance shoes. Why should you invest in dance shoes when you’ve only just started?

Well actually, for the first few lessons don’t worry about hurrying out to buy new shoes. Just wear something soft (so you don’t hurt your dance partners’ feet) and something comfortable which is not too grippy and not too slippery and is secure on your foot.

My classes are held in a dance studio, do I need dance shoes?

Most Salsa classes are held in nightclubs or community centres so you should be fine in a street shoe. However, if your class is being held in a proper dance studio with a sprung dance floor they may actually ban street shoes in the studio, so it’s best to call ahead and check. It is most likely that you will need a pair of soft suede soled shoes from Day 1. And definitely no stiletto heels for ladies.

Which dance shoes should I buy?

The choice of dance shoes is immense. The best advice is to find something that will not grip to the floor, but equally does not slide so much that you will slip over, something that will stay on your foot and not slip off, something that is flexible so that you can move your foot with ease and something light so that if you step on someone else’s foot it reduces the damage that you do.

So you want: Non-grip, Non-slide, Secure, Flexible, Light.. easy right?

Can I wear Jazz Shoes for Salsa dancing?

Once you’ve completed a Beginner course and decided to continue then it’s definitely time to get thinking about dance shoes. Our first recommendation is a pair of Jazz shoes.These are just one option for your dancing needs and will depend on how much or little support you feel you need.