Warming up: Absolute necessity or waste of time?

Updated: Dec 21, 2018

Have you ever wondered why some teachers use a warm up and others don’t? So have we!!

Here at The Dance Guru we have experienced many types of dance lessons that have started with or without a warm up. So why is there such a difference, especially across different dance styles?

We remember back to our ballet days and absolutely without fail our classes started with warm up and barre exercises. We were encouraged to start the class clad in multiple layers of home knit ballet wear and invariably would strip down to little more than a leotard by the end of the session.

But fast forward 20 years to our first experience of social dance lessons and the first thing the instructor says is ‘find a partner let’s get started’ and before you know you’re being swung around the dance floor in multiple directions with cold muscles. Now, this wasn’t so much a problem when you are younger, but as we have aged, we can literally feel our muscles screaming at us if we're taken on to the dance floor for a fast salsa dance without so much as a sniff or hint of a warm up, and that is where we believe the injuries begin.