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What do you do with 2 left feet?

Think you can't dance?

Think you have 2 left feet?

What do you do?

Find someone with 2 right feet!!

Think we've gone mad? Why someone with 2 right feet?

Well it takes 2 to partner dance. You need 2 left and 2 right feet. Eventually you can swap 1 of your left feet with a right foot from your partner!

But seriously, just because you think you have no coordination, you're too clumsy, you have no rhythm, you've tried to dance before and it was a disaster.. don't give up.

There isn't anyone that can't dance.. yes that's right EVERYBODY CAN DANCE. Some of us just have to work harder than others to make our dance resemble our partner's dance.

  • You find it hard? You take double the amount of classes,

  • You can't master that step? You ask the instructor to show you again.

  • You forgot what you did last week? Ask the instructor if you can video your class each week so that you can practice at home.

  • The group class goes too quickly, you're always falling behind? Ask for private lessons or go back to a slower Beginners class.

Be prepared to repeat every level of class until you master it.

So what if you're a Beginner for 5 years?, you need to master your craft at your own speed.

Remember, dancers never give up. We just find alternative ways to learn our steps.

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