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When you feel like quitting remember why you started...

Ever started a new hobby and given up not long after? Did you ever consider why you actually took up the hobby in the first place?

What was your real reason for trying the new hobby? Was it to learn a new skill, was it because a friend recommended the activity? Was it for self-improvement?

Sometimes when the task seems hard we feel like quitting. Do you think the prima ballerina whom you marvel at on the stage never had a bad day? Do you think she doesn't get up every day in pain? Do you think those pirouettes were learned in a day? Of course not.

Every time we hit a hard place do we quit? No, we try again, and again and again. The satisfaction of achieving the impossible is priceless.

Dancers a notorious for not quitting, we look in the face of adversity and carry on, we challenge pain head on and we take this ethos off the dancefloor. Never tell a dancer it isn't possible, they will prove you wrong.

We can all learn something from our professional dancer's sense of dedication. So when you feel like quitting, think about why you started.



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