Why 30 minutes of Rumba Walks a day will change your body forever [Article]

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

Why 30 minutes of Rumba Walks a day will change your body forever

Professional Latin World Champion Gaynor Fairweather was known for practising at least 30 mins of Rumba walks every day. Why? Because Rumba walks are not only for Rumba, they provide the basis for all our Latin leg movement.

Think about a professional Latin couple dancing Rumba at the highest-level what springs to mind? How sexy and effortless their Rumba walks are? Take a look at the video below of Yulia Zagoruychenko, how feminine and fluid are her Rumba walks?

Rumba walks are one of the best exercises for Latin Dancers to correct posture, fluidity of movement, foot placement, turnout, hip rotation and balance to name but a few.

So, what are Rumba walks?

First let’s talk about the basic progressive Rumba walk (without delay), the technique is exactly the same for the man or woman although the woman will tend to be wearing a higher heeled shoe and therefore the technique looks even more pronounced due to the angle of elevation of her foot, also ladies are wearing a dress so their legs are exposed compared to a man wearing trousers.

So, when we walk normally, down the road as a pedestrian for example, we move our body weight forward slightly, then the leg moves forward out from underneath our hip and we put our heel down on the floor first and then lower the ball of the foot and finally transfer our weight onto the leg. With Rumba walks we start with moving our upper body forward, thus sending our weight forward, some would say it’s the chest or rib cage area that leads, we then push our foot forward (let’s say Right foot for now), with pressure into the ball of the foot. The Right knee is bent slightly and only briefly as it comes from behind and then once it’s in front we straighten the knee and point our toes forward until we place our weight directly over the ball of the right foot, then we lower the Right heel and place full weight on the right foot whilst pushing off our left foot until our Left heel is up off the floor and for a second all our weight is over the front foot and the hip settled.