Why dancer's glitter is killing the planet, and what you can do to stop it

We at The Dance Guru have recently learned a startling fact, that glitter, loved by all children, dancers, gymnasts & performing arts people was made of plastic.

For years now we have been learning of the environmental disaster upon use through single use plastic such as bottles and cartons. More recently we begun to hear about micro-plastics which were used in certain cosmetics such as shower gels to cause micro-dermal abrasion and how harmful these were for the environment. Luckily the UK Government took action and these were successfully banned from UK cosmetic products in 2018.

But there has been little awareness of plastic in glitter products. For a long time glitter products have been used in art and craft activities, children’s party materials, pens & pencils, party & fancy dress costumes and of course by dancers and other performers in makeup, hair, nail polishes and lipsticks. We’ve even seen it o