LA Style Salsa with The dance guru

LA Style Salsa or Salsa On1 as it is sometimes referred to originates from the West Coast of America, hence the 'LA'. It's known as a slot dance with a Leader (usually the man) and a Folllower (usually a lady) exchanging places up and down the slot.

In the 1990s it become very popular, and at a high level becomes an explosive and captivating dance to watch as dancers complete fast paced moves and flamboyant styling that has origins Ballroom Latin dance.

The Dance Guru has been teaching Salsa since 1999, key influencers in her teaching were Albert Torres, Johnny Vasquez and Edie The Salsa Freak. But coming from 10 years in the competitive world of Ballroom and Latin dance had taught The Dance Guru that structure, technique and clarity of demonstration with repetition & practice were more important to the student learner than just being given a big repertoire of 'cool' moves.

Over the years The Dance Guru has developed her own teaching system for LA Style Salsa in which she is considered a subject matter expert.

The Dance Guru programme for LA Style Salsa has the following lesson plans:

Beginner Level 1 to 4

Improvers Level 1 to 4

Intermediate Level 1 to 6

Advanced Level 1 to 6


Each Level has 6 classes with key techniques broken down as appropriate for each level.

Students of The Dance Guru report faster learning times and become more proficient in leading and following techniques, the essence of social Salsa Dancing. By learning with structure, dancers develop more quickly. Exercises and basics are practised and repeated throughout and it ensure learners to do not go on to more complicated moves before mastering key basic techniques.

Online classes with The Dance Guru will be available soon.

In the meantime checkout the resources below.

Now The Dance Guru offers you valuable online Salsa Dance resources including:

  • Super Mario Moves - DVDs 1 to 7 from World Renown Salsa Teacher 'Super Mario' [Link to website]

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