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Here at The Dance Guru we recognise the importance of dance instructors, teachers, coaches and promoters who pioneer the advancement of Social Dance around the world.

Our vision is that Social Dance opportunities are accessible, affordable and fully inclusive. Anyone should be able to enjoy social dancing without barriers. We believe every aspiring teacher or instructor should have the opportunity to continue with their professional development, which is why we have launched The Dance Guru Teacher Academy.

We believe we are the first Dance Teacher Academy aimed purely at the world of Social Dance. Our courses can take a budding Intermediate / Advanced Social Dancer (whatever their chosen genre) from a Level 1  Assistant Dance Instructor, right through to a Level 7 (Post-Graduate) equivalent Diploma in Community Dance Practice.

Level 1 is aimed at potential new instructors, those who have recently been asked to help existing Instructors teach Beginner classes or anyone genuinely interested in learning more about becoming a Dance Instructor. You do not have to have dance Social Dance experience but it is advisable to start taking social dance classes as soon as possible.

From Level 2 onwards you will not only be assessed on your teaching ability but your own dance ability in your chosen dance styles, therefore we recommend those thinking of progressing onto Level 2 to be dancing to at least Intermediate level in 1 main dance style

From Level 3 onwards you will need to be able to dance and teach in at least 2 dance styles e.g. Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Tango, Ballroom, Latin etc


All courses include a number of multiple choice assessments, written assignments and practical assessments, appropriate to each level of learning.


Prices displayed are for the course OR for the membership option which includes the course. 
e.g. £145 (Course only) or £225  (Bronze Teacher Membership, which includes 3 courses)


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