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Dance Teacher's Resources

Welcome to our Dance Teacher's Resource Area


We're busy cataloguing a range of useful resources which you can read below here.

We've also created Dance Teacher Membership Plans (FREE & Paid) specifically for Dance Teachers with useful resources such as Spotify playlists and lesson plans in Salsa, Social Jive, Social Foxtrot etc.

Why not sign up for our FREE Social Dancer Teacher Pre-Bronze Plan for EXCLUSIVE content and to be notified when something new pops up.


If you think there's anything missing, or you would like us to link to another useful resource, please drop us a line, we're striving to make our site a one stop shop for everything that's related to all forms of social dance.

Happy Teaching

The Dance Guru

Dance Teachers' Associations


One Dance UK

One dance UK (formerly the National Dance Teachers Association) is the leading UK body for dance. They have a range of resources and programmes along with various levels of membership and annual events.

Although not directly aimed at partner or social dancing, they work with a number of organisations promoting dance for health and well being and a range of support is available so it's worth a read to see if any of their opportunities would help you with your Social Dance classes.

People Dancing The Foundation for Community Dance (UK Based)

People Dancing is leading the way in Community dance practice. It supports dance professionals and dance teachers with membership, insurance, creative programmes, DBS (disclosure and barring) checks.

One particular programme is Dance for Parkinson's. The programme, helps Dance Teachers learn how to teach dance and movement classes for those with Parkinson's disease. Whilst you may not want to specialise in this area it is a helpful programme to undertake when you are a Social / Ballroom / Latin or Salsa dance teacher as you will encounter many people with Parkinson's that will attend your classes. Knowing how to support dancers with Parkinson's is essential.

There are a range of online learning programmes at very affordable prices for different areas of dance practice such as:

Introduction to Leading Dance with Older People

Risk Assessment online learning

Introduction to dance for Parkinson's online learning programme

People Dancing also hold a Summer school in July for a week in Leicester with a whole range of programmes and workshops.

Checkout their website:

Dance Teachers' Code of Conduct


One of the key responsibilities as a dance teacher is to conduct yourself as a professional with the best interests of your students and your community at all times.

Having a code of conduct will set you apart from other teachers. Displaying this in your studio or on your website will show others you really mean business.

The Dance Guru supports People Dancing's Code of Conduct and highly recommend this as an excellent framework for other Dance Teachers to adopt.


Check it out here and sign up if you agree:

People Dancing's Code of Conduct

Dance and Fitness Insurance


Insure 4 Sport


Dance Teacher's Insurance which will insure for Dance, Zumba, Salsa Dancing, Latin Dancing, Fitness Class Instructor and Modern Dancing in Sports Category A, with £1 Million Public Liability & Professional Indemnity

People Dancing Foundation


  • Dance Teacher's Insurance included when you take Professional Individual Membership with them.

  • Public Liability & Professional Indemnity to £10 Million

  • Employer's Liability Insurance for occasional helpers in your dance business

  • Public Liability indemnity of £10 Million in respect of Professional performances for earnings from this of up to £15k per annum

  • Enhanced DBS check service if required

Stay Safe: Safe Dance Practice


A key grumble of qualified dance professionals is that the Social dance scene is completely unregulated. Anyone has been able to setup a dance class or dance social evening and they don't need teacher training, qualifications or prior experience. Now we're not promoting this viewpoint, simply acknowledging that the social dance scene would not be where it is today if it had been fully regulated.

However, as a responsible dance teacher, studio owner, or dance practitioner you are in a position of authority and care with your students. If you do not understand the health risks of the dance activities you are teaching then you are a very dangerous individual.

You may have 'stumbled' into being a Salsa teacher because you were quite a good dancer and your dance teacher was a bit stuck one evening for someone to teach the beginners, and they pulled you out the class and let you loose to teach a few beginner's steps and before you know it you're running your own classes and have your own 'dance instructor' title.. sound familiar?


Well now it's time to step up a gear and learn about your trade. Health & Safety in the dance lessons, how to warm up and cool down your students effectively and knowing what certain body parts can and can't do is essential.

Any form of dance or fitness based training certificates will help, but here are a few that we would suggest:

Anatomy & Physiology


Anatomy & Physiology Made Easy [Book]

An easy introduction to Anatomy & Physiology - Buy here on Amazon

Diploma in Human Anatomy & Physiology

A FREE online course provided by Alison - Click here


Safe Dance Practice

Safe in Dance International [Online Qualifications]

  • Preparing for Safer Dance Practice - click here

  • Preparation for Healthy Dance Certificate - click here

  • Healthy Dance Practice Certificate - click here


Safe Dance Practice - A book by Quin, Rafferty & Tomlinson

A text book to support the Safe in Dance learning - a good read even on it's own without taking the online courses - Buy here on Amazon

Social Dance Teacher's Academy:

We believe every aspiring teacher or instructor should have the opportunity to continue with their professional development, which is why we have launched

The Dance Guru Teacher Academy.

We believe we are the first Dance Teacher Academy aimed purely at the world of Social Dance.


Our courses can take a budding Intermediate / Advanced Social Dancer (whatever their chosen genre) from a Level 2 (GCSE) Dance Instructor package, right through to a Level 7 (Post-Graduate) equivalent Diploma in Community Dance Practice.


Find out more

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