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Our Members


It's easy.. just click on the bar in the top right hand corner which says SIGN UP / LOGIN and create yourself a login using your Email address and a handy password of your choosing.

Here's some FAQs about our membership

Why should I sign up?

We know your email address is precious and you don't want to give it out to just anyone.


That's why we've created a simple FREE Members area for any Social Dancer to access a few pages of useful information.

We also NEVER sell your data or pass it on to anyone, it's purely for us here at The Dance Guru to maintain our site and connect with our members

What can I find there now?

  • Links to our members only Secret Spotify playlists

  • Links to our members only secret Youtube playlists

  • ​​Tips on Social Dance Etiquette

  • Access to a highlighted selection of our dance videos 

  • Our Members Chat app

  • Our Members Groups page where you can get to know other like-minded dancers


Plus we are working on adding a few more things over time... If you have any suggestions for things you would like to see, please drop us a line!

What about paid membership, do you offer this?

We do, but only for Dance Teachers ( You can see the Dance Teacher Membership plans here)


Login Details

Your site login (email & password) for the FREE Members area will also be the same for any Paid Plans you sign up to.  In order to see any of your Members only pages you need to login whenever you visit our site. If you visit our site without signing in you won't be able to see your paid subscription pages.


Will you send out lots of emails?

"I hate getting lots of spammy marketing emails, will you be sending me these?" Actually NO.. we hate them too! And we're not that great at marketing as we're too busy teaching our courses and supporting our site members with cool activities.


We believe our students & members are fully capable of self-service on our website and will login when they need to get information or access their members pages.


We will only send you a monthly newsletter to keep our members up to date with new things on the site.

Connecting with other members

The Dance Guru politely asks everyone to remain polite & helpful whilst interacting with other members. Anyone found to be abusive or acting in appropriately will be removed as a site member and any paid plans cancelled

​What are Groups?

To help build our community we have created Members' Groups. These are based on special interests, level of membership, event activity, dance style etc.


If you feel we need to add a particular group then just drop us a line. Members can be part of multiple groups, e.g. the 'Salsa' group and the 'Pre-Bronze Teacher' or the 'Kizomba' group & the 'All Members' group etc.


Only The Dance Guru can create a group, but members can request to join and leave a group as they wish.

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