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What is Para Dance Sport?

Updated: Dec 21, 2018

After an exciting Lomianki 2018 World Para Dance Sport European Championships held in (Poland) we just had to tell you about the exciting world of para dance.

This sport is truly an inclusive sport for participants with physical impairment to the lower limbs. Competitors can compete in Ballroom and Latin categories and a Freestyle category. They can complete on their own, with another wheelchair user or with an able bodied partner. There are also group dances containing able bodies and disabled dancers.

Competition is fierce and the dancers are tough. Check out this video of Para Dance Sport World Champions Julius Obero and Rhea Marquez dancing the Jive in Cuijk 2018

Dancers are elegant, stylish and have all the glitz and glamour you would expect from the world of competitive Ballroom and Latin dancing.

Originating in 1968 in Sweden the sport has gone from strength to strength with world wide support from World Para Dance Sport who organise competitions all over the world.

And finally, a beautiful show dance Rumba:

You can find out more here:



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