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Useful websites and resources from The Dance Guru.

Music for Dancers

The Dance Guru on Spotify

We have carefully curated many playlists for all types of social dancing in our Spotify channel.

Find essential timing tracks to practice your Salsa or listen to great modern songs for Ballroom & Latin dancing.

Feel free to share our playlists with your friends and follow our channel so you can stay up to date with new playlists as they are published.

We have also created a number of secret playlists which can be accessed through our FREE Social Dancer Membership area, so don't forget to sign up today



Finding the Beat Series by The Dance Dojo

Patrick from The Dance Dojo, an experienced Salsa instructor has created a good series about how to find the beat.


Whilst he concentrates on Salsa timing songs the series provide good exercises and a great learning technique that you can then apply to learning other timings for other social dance music.

We've provided a link to his Youtube series below

TAKE ME TO 'Finding the beat' NOW

Dance Videos & Youtube Channels

The Dance Guru Youtube channel

A collection of videos sourced from Youtube and grouped into handy playlists based on style of dance.


'LEARN' playlists have handy recorded lessons and workshops from  dance instructors.

'WATCH' playlists have been compiled simply for your viewing pleasure and inspirational, watch fantastic dancers do their thing at the top level.

These PRIVATE PLAYLISTS can only be accessed through our FREE Membership Area, just sign up, log in and watch through your PC or handheld device.


Other Good Youtube Guides:

Ballroom & Latin Instruction with Egil Smagris

An excellent collection of Ballroom & Latin Dance videos with breakdown of techniques / steps / timing etc from Latvian Ballroom instructor Egils Smagris (in English) 


Ballroom & Latin International  Style with The Ballroom Guide

Brief but clear figures of all International Standard recognised figures


Ballroom & Latin Technique and Tips from Dance Today

Ballroom & Latin American Style Demonstrations with Sway Ballroom


Salsa On 2 with Krambo Dance

Cuban Salsa with Dance Papi

For Working Dancers

The Working Dancer

One Dance UK

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