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Why we love International Latin Dancer Anna Kovalova

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Anna Kovalova in a pink latin american dance dress
Anna Kovalova - Photo by Stephen Marino

This month we shine a spotlight on Professional Latin Dancer Anna Kovalova. Anna is recognised for her Latin dances such as Rumba, Cha Cha, Jive, Samba & Paso Doble with her beautiful and famous Latin dance legs envied by ladies all over the Latin Dance World.

Anna is 6 Times US National Vice Champion and a regular International Latin Dance competitor at the highest level. But where did it all start? Anna, who is originally from Donetsk, Ukraine, began dancing when she was just 8 years of age. Anna first partnered with Volodymyr Vynogradskyy in 1998 representing the Ukraine as Juveniles and winning many Ukrainian and International Latin Dance Championships until they split in 2004.

From Ukraine to Russia

When she was 15, Anna went to Russia to continue her dancing career representing Russia. Here, she went on to become a Moscow Amateur Champion and a Russian Nationals Amateurs Semi-Finalist. She partnered Sergey Gorbunov for 3 months in 2005, before moving partners again to dance with Russian dancer Vladimir Karpov for 18 months from 2005 – 2006.

In 2007 she decided to return to Ukraine, and the same year she became the Ukrainian Youth Champion and a Bronze-Medalist of IDSF Youth World Championship 2007. In 2008 Anna moved to U.S.

From Youth to Amateur Dancer

Anna however decided to return to the Ukraine at the end of 2006 to dance with her next partner Ukrainian National Ilia Kutsenko. In 2007 she became Ukrainian Youth Champion and Bronze Medallist of the IDSF Youth World Championship 2007, and from here she graduated to Amateur Dancer.

Europe to USA

After her split with Ilia, Anna moved to the USA and spent 6 years with Roman Kutskyy competing at Professional level. Having won their 1st dance competition at the Embassy Ball Rising Star Professional Latin competition in 2008 they went on to become:

5 times Vice-Champions of USA Professional Latin, Semi-finalists of WDC Professional Latin World Championship, 3 times Ohio Star Ball Champions, 4 times California Open Champions, 4 times Emerald Ball Champions, Bronze Medallists of the Embassy World Cup 2010, 2 times Finalists of the WDC Asian Tour Taipei Open and 2 times Champions of the Asian Pacific Open Championship in Japan.

Anna Kovalova & Justinas Duknauskas

After splitting with Roman Kutskyy, Anna partnered with Justinas Duknauskas for 2 years, representing the USA and more recently in 2018 has teamed up with Shinsuke Kanemitsu from Japan. They finished 2018 with several competitions and presentations in Japan.

So why do we love Anna Kovalova?

Anna Kovalova is renown for her beautiful Latin dance legs, as you can see in this Rumba show dance ‘Love is over’ with Shinsuke in Japan in December 2018:

In another beautiful honour dance Rumba with Shinsuke Anna shows us the power, grace and tone of her phenomenal legs:

She also has a great way of teaching Rumba Walks and Cha Cha leg actions in her tutorials on Dance Today.

Latin Dance Teacher Anna

Anna gives inspiration to other Latin dancers with her short dance tutorials in Latin Dance technique on the ‘Dance Today’ channel on Youtube. She is a top choreographer & coach and is in high demand around the world. She’s also enviably sponsored by Aida Shoes.

You can checkout Anna’s Facebook page or find her tutorials on Dance Today on Youtube.

Image of Anna Kovalova International Latin Dancer

Photo By Stephen Marino:




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