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How many dance moves with animal names do you know?

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

Throughout time there have always been dance fads. A style of dance will come and amuse everyone for a short period of time, gain global recognition and then disappear almost as quickly as it appeared.

When recorded music became more accessible to the average household, dance fads became more regular. None have ceased to amuse us more than the ones named after animals.

Sometimes it’s because the moves resemble the curious actions and movements of the said named animal, other times just because of the name itself or the song that is most associated with the dance.

Today at The Dance Guru HQ we fondly remember 5 animal dance crazes from the 20th century:

1) The Pony – made famous in the 1960s by the Chubby Checker song ‘Pony Time’

2) The Monkey – made popular in 1963 by ‘The Monkey Time’ and ‘Mickey’s Monkey’

3) The Chicken – From 1950s American rhythm & blues, which gained more notoriety when in 1970 the ‘Do the funky chicken’ was released

4) The Bunny Hop – Originating from San Francisco in 1952 as a variation on the conga line

5) The Roger Rabbit – skipping backwards whilst flapping your arms and hooking your arms on braces, named after the animated character Roger Rabbit from the 1988 Disney film

There’s plenty more out there. How many can you remember? Comment below and share your favourites



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