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Meet Mel Reis: Para Ballet Dancer

Updated: Dec 21, 2018

Mel Reis is an inspirational para-ballet dancer from Brazil.

At the age of 14 Mel Reis was a pedestrian involved in a car crash which saw her left leg crushed and after 4 months in hospital and 30 operations resulted in it's amputation just below the knee.

She thought she would never dance again. Yet 13 years Dr José André Carvalho, director of the Campinas Institute of Prosthesis and Orthosis. was able to make her a prosthesis with a pointe shoe.

Now, aged 33 Mel Reis is an accomplished ballet dancer, and has just opened her Institute for Inclusive Arts.

Mel Reis also campaigns strongly to see that awareness of good quality prosthesis are available to every amputee.

"My dream today is to have a company of stylish prostheses for sale and rental to low-income customers."

Mel Reis says: "I would like to give my support and strength to all those who feel desperate and weak. My walk is an example of how to overcome obstacles. And I hope, that everyone is inspired to dream and obtain strength through my will of life!"



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